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Oil Filter

An oil filter refines motor oil to ensure that tiny and hard particles won't enter your vehicle's engine. The unit includes a high-grade fiber, which is the primary material for purifying dirty oil, and a metal gasket that attaches the equipment to your engine. Find authentic engine oil filters at SubaruOnlineParts.

Keep Your Engine at Optimal Performance w/ an OEM Oil Filter

Purchased motor oil contains dirt particles, and these tiny fragments can wear your engine's surfaces. Hence, dirty oil can negatively affect your vehicle's performance and longevity. Fortunately, an oil filter helps you prevent these problems. 

An OEM unit features a premium fiber material that strains any contaminant that might enter your engine's intricate parts. It is encased in a metal can and fastened to the engine using a gasket. Since the equipment has constant exposure to extreme heat and pressure, the gasket and case have abrasion-resistant and anti-corrosion properties. Thus, you don't need to worry about rust formations on the unit and your engine parts.

It is important to regularly check your car's oil filter to avoid costly engine repairs and excessive gas refills. Since filters only last for approximately 5,000 miles, you will need to replace it with an OEM part. An original motor oil filter only includes high-grade materials, and it ensures the utmost compatibility with your Subaru vehicle. Fortunately, there are authentic, yet discounted components online.

Purchase Genuine Engine Oil Filter At Discounted Prices

An oil filter lengthens your engine's lifespan and contributes to improved fuel economy. Here at SubaruOnlineParts, we offer original yet discounted filters for old to new models of Subaru vehicles. Our catalog also includes a broad selection of related auto components. We only sell OEM car parts; hence, we do not offer used or after-market items. Visit our online store for 100% original auto accessories.