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Fan Cover

The genuine Subaru blower motor fan cover is an insulated under cover that conceals your vehicle’s engine blower motor, causing it to produce less noise when you turn the key in the ignition. The fan cover product kit includes the 6066FJ010 under cover and 99045AE020JC retainer clips which are beneficial for noise reduction as well as cooling and safety functions. Find a genuine blow motor fan cover for your XV Crosstrek 2013-2017 model from SubaruOnlineParts.


Cool Your Engine’s Blower Motor with a Fan Cover

Your car’s blower motor is responsible for regulating the temperature of your vehicle’s interior. Dealing with a bad blower motor can be difficult since it is a crucial part of your engine’s heating and cooling system. While this might not affect the operation of your vehicle, it will definitely take a toll on your comfort level and will become a burden in times of extreme temperature.

A bad blower motor can mean weak airflow, decreased efficiency of the defroster, unusual noises coming from your vehicle’s HVAC system, and in some cases, smoke or burning smells while driving, in which case you should pull over immediately and get your car checked by a professional. One of the ways to prevent your blower motor from going bad is investing in a durable fan cover.

A fan cover decreases the level of noise produced by your vehicle and creates a smoother flow of air toward the blower motor to keep your car engine cool while operating. The cover also reduces turbulence and improves safety by protecting the motor fan blades from damage from foreign debris, making it an essential component of every car owner’s toolbox.

Manufactured using superior-grade metals like steel and aluminum, the Subaru blower motor fan cover is known for its durability, resistance against corrosion, waterproof nature and lightweight appearance. Its one-piece construction provides excellent air ventilation for air and heat exit, which increases the lifespan of your car engine motor.

Buy Genuine Blower Motor Fan Covers Online

Installing a fan cover to your blower motor will ensure your comfort and safety from injury caused by the high-speed blower motor. That’s why you’ll need genuine car parts from a trusted retailer to ensure your safety on the road at all times. You can order brand new OEM fan covers and other auto parts at SubaruOnlineParts. We do not carry used or aftermarket products and only sell authentic car parts and accessories. Browse our website to get the best deals out of our quality products. Shop with us today.